A bit about Ask Method founder, Ryan Levesque

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, particularly one who leverages online marketing to grow your business, then you’ve likely heard of the Ask Method and how it will be of benefit to your business.

In a nutshell, the ask method is a methodology to figure out what people want to buy in any market.

And what about its creator, Ryan Levesque? We take a deeper look at the man behind the revolutionary idea.

Ryan Levesque is certainly not our ‘standard’ view of a business success story. Attending Ivy-league Brown University, he didn’t even study business, but rather neuroscience and East Asian studies. It was this exposure to studying the brain which has helped him master consumer psychology for business.

Ryan teaches that whenever you ask someone to make any sort of change in their life, their brain perceives that as a threat. In the world of websites and online marketing, whenever you ask someone who lands on your website to do anything, like provide their email address or contact details, their brain perceives that as a threat.

The beautiful thing is that if you understand our psychology of fear, you can actually ‘manage’ that fear response. You can fly below the radar of that fight-or-flight response by breaking down the steps you’re asking someone to take into a step that’s so small, it’s impossible to fail.

What puts Ryan’s system above the rest is that it transfers best practices in a face-to-face sales environment to the web and makes use of quizzes, assessments and surveys, landing pages, webinars, podcasts and websites/blogs and emails tied up nicely with a bow of marketing automation, to deliver the information in a more personalized way to the clients or prospective clients.

This personalization then results in increased engagement, as well as conversions rates that supplement traditional sales revenues. That’s why it’s better to Ask.


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