A Review of “The ASK METHOD Masterclass”

Today we will review the Ask Method Masterclass developed by Ryan Levesque and distributed through the Ask Method Company. 

I first discovered Ryan Levesque and the Ask Method through Eben Pagan. Ryan was promoting the first version of his masterclass. At the time I held the position of Digital Marketing director for a software company. My manager agreed that it sounded like an approach that would work for a software company. 

Since entering Ryan’s world I have made the principles taught in the Ask Method Masterclass the foundation of my marketing agency. Asking before prescribing is not unique to the Ask Method, my first business mentor Stephen R. Covey taught as part of his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to seek first to understand before being understood. Mahan Khalsa taught through his training this same principle through his course, “helping clients succeed”. I latched onto everything Mahan taught us. 

What I like about the Ask Method though, is how principles that have long formed the basis of good sales practice in a face to face sales meeting were modified to work in a digital format. 

The masterclass covers how to understand the needs of the audience through something known as a “Deep Dive Survey or DDS”. A DDS makes use of a survey or Quiz or even an interview with people who make up the ideal audience or potential customers of an organization. 

Data gathered through the DDS is a treasure trove of what the players with money (PWM) need to meet the single biggest challenges they are facing. This is an important nuance taught through the course. One doesn’t value everyones feedback equally. I saw first hand what happens when everyone’s requests for new software products is treated equally. Millions of dollars spent developing a new software product for Linux based on a popular Windows software. The revenue numbers were pitiful to say the least. These top client responses are known as hyper responders, and what they say outweighs those that are not hyper responders. Ryan teaches how he discovered the technique of using hyper responders in his Orchid growing education business. It really applies to any business though. 

A super Ninja tactic Ryan teaches in his training is how to take responses from the DDS and use it to create copy for all his marketing and web site based on the actual words his clients use. He refers to this as getting the message from his market and not from his (or his copywriters’) minds. 

All this benefit from just the first step of the Masterclass!

The review of the rest of the masterclass will be covered in a future update. As well as my personal experience using the Ask Method to improve actual client results. Stay tuned!

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