Do you really know your clients?

Your world is changing rapidly. Undoubtedly businesses that don’t truly understand their audience’s desires and aspirations and are slow to swivel and adjust will be left behind.

“The secret is figuring out what people want to buy, before they even know what they want to buy themselves. So you can better sell, and better serve.” 

This quote, by Ryan Levesque pretty much sums up what the ASK Method is all about. It will help you address your ideal clients and customers in a way that shows you understand them, and that you have the solution to their problem. The ASK Method might seem simple at first glance but it is quite counterintuitive. The misconception is often that you “just ask the customers what they want” and then give it to them. But there’s far more to consider. There is much more to it than is visible to the eye on the first (or second) look.

The ASK Method delves deep into Psychology & NeuroScience using Ryan Levesque’s extensive background regarding what he has learned about the brain and psychology during his Ivy League education. This served him well in developing the ASK Method (previously the Survey Funnel Formula).

Simply asking people what they want isn’t going to give you the answers you are looking for.

When applied correctly, the ASK Method gives you the confidence to understand what your clients / customers want (and need) – without having to guess. You no longer have to wonder if the market you want to enter is worth your time and energy. You can find out in advance. You also do not have to guess what people want to buy in your chosen market. You can find that out in advance as well. You do not have to spend hours upon hours coming up with copy, using the ASK Method will ensure that your customers write the best converting copy for you.

It is a fundamental human need to have your unique problems understood and desires met – and to be treated as an individual.

“One size fits all” type solutions are not that enticing anymore. This is still almost always the case when we market in the online marketing space, however. Big companies have been following the path of personalization or segmentation for decades. For online entrepreneurs and experts this was not available until a few short years ago, mostly due to high investment cost.

At Fusion Results we want to know everything about your business, and the ASK methodology to support it so we can understand and give you the best possible help. We know your business is unique, that is why we treat each business based on their individual needs. And if there’s anything you don’t understand, just ASK.


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