How we help guide your Ask Methodology

On the most fundamental level, the Ask Method can be seen as a quiz and a funnel put together.

The greatest aspect that goes to the heart of the Ask method is segmentation. Your segmentation process clearly places your audience, buyers, products or services, into different segments. Prospects are uniquely paired up to the exact offer that’s just right for them, for maximum value and sales.

This Ask strategy gets your leads involved

The result? Using the Ask Method absolutely crushes the old-fashioned strategy of blasting every lead with the same sales message. It turns passive readers into active participants.

Indeed, this is a powerful way to get your prospective customers to provide information. Information helps you ask certain questions to find out key buying signals, pre-qualify every user who takes your quiz as a lead based on how they answer.

Ultimately, it puts each lead into special ‘buckets’ to receive customized messages with miles more impact. As a result, this automatically grows your sales through an automatic, yet highly personalized sales funnel.

As expected, the Ask Method has already been used to build multimillion dollar businesses in thousands of different industries to launch and scale their businesses online. Ultimately, the key to success in any market is to deliver results that actually meet your clients’ needs and expectations.

The challenge is that most of these needs are unknown to businesses, resulting in a ‘guessing game’. You need to find a single message that resonates with your ideal prospect through all Web, Social Media, and other Digital Marketing initiatives.

However it’s one thing to understand theory, but it’s another thing entirely to implement it.

We implement the theory

Fusion Results are one of the original Ask Method Certification partners and are part of Ryan Levesque’s inner circle, with virtual instant access to the founder of the ASK Method Company.

His amazing team of copywriters, lead generation and traffic experts are part of our extended team, which helps us deliver the very best service and results for you.

We have been delivering digital marketing results since 1999 for B2C and B2B clients. So if you wish to see what your business can become, using a proven holistic solution, just Ask.



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