The Ask Method

Ask Method Quizzes and Assessments - A powerful segmenting tool
We help companies truly understand their audiences to improve branding, messaging, and traffic generation.

What is the ASK Method?

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur, particularly one who leverages online marketing to grow your business? If so then the Ask Method will likely be of benefit to your business.

The ASK Method was founded by Ryan Levesque, who discovered success principles to maximize the results he was getting for businesses in 23 different niches. These niches were in both the B2C and B2B sectors. Due to his amazing results, he soon became one of the most in-demand consultants.

The method has been taught through live masterminds, his Ask Live conference each year, his Ask Method book and excellent course that the Ask Method Company opens up for enrollment once per year.

At its simplest level, the ASK Method is "asking an audience" what their challenges are, or what their desired results are and then segmenting those responses into something Ryan refers to as "segments" or "buckets". This concept is not new, Spin Selling, Mahan Khalsa, Alex Mandossian amongst others have been teaching this principle for years.

Important Question: What makes Ryan's methodology different? 

What puts Ryan’s system above the rest is that it transfers best practices in a face-to-face sales environment to the web and makes use of quizzes, assessments and surveys, landing pages, webinars, podcasts and websites/blogs and emails tied up nicely with a bow of marketing automation, to deliver the information in a more personalized way to the clients or prospective clients.

This personalization then results in increased engagement, as well as conversions rates that supplement traditional sales revenues.

ASK Method Results

Below is a case study of one of our clients. They were a small regional eCommerce company. We looked at their processes, their traffic, and their CRM list of previous clients and conducted a traditional ASK Method process from beginning to end. The Deep Dive Survey(s) revealed the audience persona. This in turn changed everything from marketing messages, images, copy, campaigns, product offerings, and so much more.

“There is a temptation to shortcut the system, but had we done so we would have missed out on so much gold,” said Glen Thomson, lead consultant on the project.


Is the ASK Method right for me?

We have yet to find a business that cannot benefit from implementing the ASK Method. The feedback from clients, or the market in general, is that the methodology helps a company provide better services, sales, marketing, and support at every level.

How easy is it to implement the ASK Method?

We speak to many individuals who tell us that they have read ASK, the book by Ryan Levesque, and are implementing the methodology on their own. This option may be right for you if your budget is tight and you have a lot of time on your hands.

The ASK Method, although simple at the outset, has a lot of nuances and best practices gained from over 12 years of testing. Implementing its practices on your own can be frustrating if you don't know what you are doing, and do not get all the pieces working seamlessly. We have watched hundreds go through the ASK Method masterclass, as well as coaching and certification, and eventually give up due to frustration.

Co-implement the ASK Method With a Guide

Implementing the ASK Method with the help of an experienced coach will help you get the desired results in a faster time.

There are many factors that come into play in one's decision to get a guide or coach, such as the phase of the business, budget/cash flow, traffic to conduct the tests, or even staff to perform some of the labor and more.

Regarding the stage of your business, the ASK Method can definitely be applied to (and is encouraged for) businesses of all phases, including brand new ventures. It does however have more probability of success the more mature the business is.

If a business has proven itself without the ASK Method, the better chance it has getting enhanced results with the ASK Method.

It requires an investment to use a certified consultant, compared to doing it by yourself. However, the valuable guidance is worth the price, as these guides (consultants) have mastered the process and become certified. Consultants have been coached personally by Ryan Levesque and his team and proven their abilities through actual real-life implementations.

Currently, there are less than 10 fully certified ASK Method Consultants, including us — Fusion Results!

If your budget is an obstacle, or the Certified Consultants are fully booked, you may want to engage an ASK Method Associate to help you. Ask Method Associates are ASK Method Consultants "in training".

They have not officially passed their practical ASK Method implementation, but have a decent understanding of the ASK Method theory. They are looking for businesses to work with to be able to pass their certification requirements.

ASK Method Associates, like other apprentices such as hair or dentist students, train under the direction of their more experienced coaches and mentors and may produce good results for your businesses.

If you want a FREE consultation to determine if the ASK Method is right for you, please schedule a time to chat with us. We can walk you through your different options.

There is No Time Like the Present!

At the current time, we have space for one additional client, If you are interested in implementing the Ask Method for your business, contact us to see if we may be a fit for you (and vice versa).