We grew Qualtry’s Conversions Over 400% Using The Ask Method

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Qualtry is Custom Gifts Manufacturer company, located in the United States.

The Brief

QUALTRY wanted to increase their organic traffic and eCommerce conversions on their Shopify store. Fusion results helped Quality improve SEO traffic, and then increased conversions 400+% when traffic went through an Ask Method Quiz compared to the regular web store.

What We Did

We built an Ask Method Quiz to deliver segmented leads within the business.

The first was focused on quick wins that had few internal dependencies to help us get buy-in for the bigger changes. The second focused on conversations with key stakeholders to showcase the business value of the larger technical recommendations and how they linked to wider company goals.

The immediate priority was to fix global visibility for all country home pages, so we addressed how Google crawled the site and the relationships between the different countries and languages.

We also gained an understanding of legacy platforms and migrations, third-party assets and planned changes – identifying all major technical issues across the site, and aligning our recommendations with internal development roadmaps and wider company objectives.

Proactive monitoring of the site was implemented, using our proprietary technology to flag any issues from development releases across all country sites.

Finally, we supported new initiatives to ensure that SEO was part of the conversation from the outset, helping BlackRock to maximise new traffic opportunities.

The Results

As we share with clients, SEO is a long-term investment. But the results continue to speak for themselves. During the course of our engagement, we grew Qualtry’s organic traffic by a massive 256%.

The Qualtry SEO team also now has wider visibility across the company to ensure that SEO opportunities for new projects, such as sustainable investing, gain visibility and traction from the outset.


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