Personalized offers
Just like you wouldn't sell the same shirt to every customer, or prescribe the same pair of glasses, why would marketing be one size fits all? Our tools help you personalize you offers to your clients. No more one-size-fits-all marketing.

Most web-marketing is ineffective because it uses a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Think about your business’s website: Does it personalize the content it shows to users based on whether or not they are new prospects or existing customers? Is content on your site personalized to speak directly to top performing partners, as well as struggling partners?

Fusion Results can help you create a website that is personalized and speaks directly to its users. Through short quizzes or surveys, the implementation of the ASK Method on a website can determine whether a user is a new or old customer, and what their problem or challenge is that they are looking at your product or service to solve.

Why is Personalization Important?

With the information gained from ASK Method techniques, we can determine what category of customer the user is and ensure they are shown content that speaks to their personal needs and wants. Understanding each and every person’s needs, fears, frustrations and concerns in a real, detailed way is the key to great marketing.

We have worked with companies with hundreds of thousands of names in their CRM (Customers Relationship Management) who had no clue as to the needs, demographics and psycho-graphics of their audience. Because they did not understand their audience and were using a ‘one size fits all’ approach, they were not tapping into the full potential of their business.

The Benefits of Personalization

Personalization allows us to communicate to individuals based on issues that are of concern to them. The personalization of content has resulted in higher engagement rates, lower bounce rates, an increase in time spent on websites, and higher average order prices.

Every customer has different needs, wants, challenges, problems, frustrations, life experiences, etc. Using a blanket marketing strategy is ignoring all the differences that make your customers unique instead of using those differences to your advantage.

If you are still using a ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing, contact Fusion Results today to help you interact more with your customers and match your solutions to their problems.