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No two businesses are alike. Through our digital readiness assessments, we will find your exact path to tapping into your hidden growth potential.

We help small to medium-sized businesses BOOST leads and sales through quizzes and assessments, content creation and proven traffic generation methods.

Unless you are SEGMENTING and PERSONALIZING your message to solve your audience's BIGGEST challenges or frustrations, you are on the WRONG PATH.

That's a bold statement. We know it. It seems so logical, and we hate it as consumers when that happens to us. Picture your inbox on a black Friday or Cyber Monday. How many of those emails were truly personalized to your biggest challenges or frustrations on your mind at the time?

My e-mail exploded this last Black Friday/Cyber Monday and 99.9% of the offers were one-size-fits-all marketing. And what's worse is when I ignored the offer because it wasn't relevant, I was force fed their dribble for the next 4 days on some automated drip campaign. Force feeding me the irrelevant offer as if higher quantity and urgency would change my mind.

And by doing so, ruining their reputation with each successive email I received.

Sound familiar?

So what we do is we help individuals and organizations steer clear of the dangers of one-size-fits-all marketing. Force feeding irrelevant offers to those they value most. We help organizations avoid the EMBARRASSMENT of being unprofessional and irrelevant.

So helping individuals and organizations have engaging meaningful conversations with their audience is what we do so they can amplify their mission and make a difference in the world. And helping individuals align with organizations that care, and receive true solutions to their challenges and frustrations, is why we do it.

Why do we do this?

There are so many potential individuals and organizations that we can work with. It is our commitment to align with causes that have solutions to transform and make a positive impact. While our methodology with work with any organization, we choose to only work with others that do good in the world, have true principles and are committed to improving the lives of their audience.

How Do We Do It?

We use a methodology known as the ASK Method to conduct a deep analysis of your audience. This analysis will identify what your target market needs and how you can uniquely match your product or service offerings to their needs. The segmentation and personalization means they receive more relevant messaging, not like the Black Friday barrage (and the rest of the year) that we all experience.

If you would like to know more, contact us. We'd love to get on a call or Zoom to explore whether working together makes sense.

Why the ASK Method?

Ryan Levesque wrote the best-selling book, ASK, which details how to implement the ASK Method in a business. Ryan himself has used the method to successfully enter 23 different markets. He has helped many businesses reach the 7 figure mark and has accomplished the same for himself in his ventures. The ASK Method Company was ranked #462 on the 2017 Inc. 500 List. It has also been listed the #7 Fastest Growing Company in Austin, Texas.

In 2017 I put my money where my mouth is, and enrolled in the Ask Method masterclass and later invested in Ask Method certification. Ryan had impressed me with his ability to apply the methodology to a wide variety of business to consumer as well as business to business ventures and excel. For instance, his work with Proactive took the company to one of the largest skincare companies in the world, and resulted in the golf channel purchasing a business built on the back of a funnel he had helped build for his clients. Or what about helping expand Swift Capital to being a viable target to be acquired by PayPal.

I was one of the first 5 Ask Method consultants to become fully Certified in the methodology. And my experience in helping both B2B and B2C leverages this method and combines it with over 20 years managing Digital Marketing teams for both International and local organizations.

Using the Ask method, we can do the same for you.

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The Power of the ASK Method

Quizzes and Surveys

Extract the gold from each audience interaction, by conducting deep dive analysis through the use of quizzes, surveys and assessments. Our methodology is built upon over a decade's experience in the use of quizzes, assessments, 360 degree feedback generation and a variety of survey tools and instruments to gather valuable audience feedback.

Promotion and Traffic Generation

Looking for the gems that will be your ideal customers? With the advances in targeting and personalization there is no need, nor does it make sense, to engage in a one size fits all marketing strategy. The ASK Method definitely is the best tool to identify the traits, and interests of your most profitable audiences so that the returns on paid advertising is maximized over time.

Reporting and Analytics

The old adage that ‘50% of marketing works’, poses critical question of ‘which 50%’? Are you one of Google's or Facebook's top donors through ineffective marketing campaigns? Let's help you dial back the wasted dollars and report on what's working and what's not.

Web, Landing Page and Funnel Design

Let's face it, you may have the the most efficiently created surveys, landing pages or website look and feel in the world, but if they lack professional design (UI), persuasive copy or poor user experience (UX), your campaign will fail. We help organization’s create and test landing pages and funnels using industry split-testing standards.

Competitor Research and Intelligence

Competitor and business intelligence gathering requires both an investment in quality data and efficient systems. We invest in the best competitor data available, and have set up automations and systems patterned after military intelligence gathering and processing to help your organization get the upper-hand in this economic war for market share.