Could the ASK Method have saved GitLab this embarrassing email?

By fusionresults | Oct 30, 2019

I just received an insightful email from Sid Sijbrandij of GitLab. We firmly believe GitLab has made the correct decision to pay attention to the needs and concerns of its loyal customer base. It seems like quite an obvious thing to do, i.e. to understand the needs and concerns of their key audience and do […]

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Gamification can increase customer engagement with market research.

What is Gamification?

By fusionresults | Mar 12, 2019

Simply put, gamification is the use of games to engage a potential client and motivate them to buy your product. These games usually have some kind of goal that ends in a reward. It sounds simple but it is a tool that can either make or break your marketing strategy. Whether or not you have […]

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Hyper respondents provide the best data from a Deep Dive Survey.

What Are “Hyper Respondents” and How Do You Use Them?

By fusionresults | Feb 10, 2019

For those of you who are familiar with The ASK Method, you would have realized that the most important element of any of the surveys or questionnaires the method uses is the client responses. However, not all data is equal. Some responses are more highly valued because they provide greater information. As the CEO of […]

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A woman jots down a new business plan on a piece of paper

What’s Your Business Plan for 2019?

By fusionresults | Jan 7, 2019

When the New Year roles in, many people try to implement their new year’s resolutions. As an entrepreneur, you may have set strategic goals for your business this year. Although you may start out with good intentions, you are at risk of falling into old habits, making the same mistakes and not setting the right […]

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How to turn Clients into Raving Fans of Your Business

By fusionresults | Jan 3, 2019

Instead of being head over heels in love with your own product and service, a business should be in love with its clients. When your clients are your center-focus when making important business and marketing decisions, your clients will become your biggest fans, as they feel valued. When you value your customers, and provide value […]

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Are You Hosting Live Events?

By fusionresults | Dec 27, 2018

A live event can be a pretty scary concept, especially if you have never hosted one before. For those who have hosted live events before, you are always looking at how to improve your event. When you first start, your live event may be small and simple, but as you continue to host events, your […]

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6 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your Emails

By fusionresults | Dec 17, 2018

An opt-in email list is a key asset for growing your business, as subscribers are inviting you to engage them with relevant and interesting content. This ultimately results in an improved customer relationship, more sales, and word-of-mouth growth. Every business, small or big, wants to have a growing, successful mailing list, because it is an […]

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How to Make Your Internet Business a Success

By fusionresults | Dec 12, 2018

Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula and best selling author started his first internet business in the summer of 1996. From humble beginnings, he has gone onto sell tens of millions of dollars of products, and his students and clients have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of their products. Over the years, […]

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4 Mistakes to Avoid when Creating Buyer Personas

By fusionresults | Dec 7, 2018

A buyer persona is a composite picture of the real people who buy, or might buy, products like the ones you market. This picture is based on what you’ve learned in direct interviews with real buyers. Adele Revella, founder and president of The Buyer Persona Institute, a firm that helps marketers interview buyers for insights […]

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