ASK Method Blog – Insights from an ASK Method Certified Professional

When I first heard of the ASK Method and Ryan Levesque, I immediately enrolled and plunged into the ASK Method Masterclass.

The concept of asking before prescribing was not new to me, I have long been a fan of Neil Rackman's Spin Selling and Mahan Khalsa's "Let's Get Real" classic book and training now offered by Franklin Covey.

When the opportunity arose to become an authorized ASK Method Certified Consultant/Professional I also jumped at that opportunity, even though I knew it would set me back five figures and a decent amount of time and travel.

I feel privileged to be trusted by Ryan and the ASK Method company to be certified to represent them. If you are ready to implement the ASK Method for your organization, please  contact me. I'd be happy to provide a free consultation to see if the ASK Method is a right fit for you.

In the meantime, if you are implementing on your own, I will continue to provide a selection of articles with some insights and tactics that will help you.

An example of market research.

How the ASK Method Changes the Way You Do Market Research

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for any business, as it is so important for your…

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A woman is shown sitting at a work desk, drinking coffee.

When is the Right Time to Implement the ASK Method?

The beautiful thing about the ASK Method is that anyone can pick it up at any time…

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Facebook helps you connect to your clients and strengthen your business relationships.

Target Custom Audiences Through Facebook

The ASK Method tells us to divide our market audience into buckets. Our buckets help us label…

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How to Segment Your Audience

The ASK Method uses segmentation is a few of its various strategies. One of the most important…

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How to Get An Audience for Your Webinar

You have put in all the research, time and effort and you are finally ready to deliver…

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What is Your Business’s #1?

It stands to reason that if we work hard and reap the rewards of our success, that…

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Your Own Webinar Checklist

You have put in the time and research and have a well put together, informative, enticing and…

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How to Prepare for Your Webinar

Preparing for a webinar, whether it is your first ever webinar or a webinar you are creating…

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Why Webinars are Important for Your Business

A webinar is a seminar help over the internet. It is normally live and allows you to…

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How to Plunge into that Deep Dive Survey

The ASK Method uses a variety of surveys and quizzes to obtain information from its target audience….

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