An introduction to Quizzes, Auto-Segmentation and Lead Processing

If you are familiar with the ASK Method, you will know that a big part of its strategies is using surveys and quizzes to acquire information about what potential customers really want. Then it uses this information to create unique and personalized content, which encourages the growth of a community, loyalty, support and contributes to a sales funnel.

You may want to start implementing ASK Method strategies into your own business by creating a quiz. But how do you start? One way is to look at existing surveys or competitive businesses quizzes to determine what can be done and what might work best for your business.

A business who has successfully fused the ASK Method into their quiz is They used a Riddle quiz ( is a quiz creating and lead generating service) to suggest what would be the ideal book to read. However, the information they received they also used to collect leads for follow up campaigns and custom book recommendations.

Litring did this by uses a two step process.

Step 1:

The first step was a one question poll that asked the user to pick their favorite genre. This was followed by a question about their reading habits.

Step 2:

The second step was sending personalized reading recommendations based on that user’s results.

This sounds great, right? You also want to be able to use quiz logic to send users personalised content in the form of emails or result pages.

But how do you get this set up? How do you get your quiz to auto-segment and process leads the way the ASK Method requires?

Auto-segmentation and lead processing:

Built-in lead form. Have your leads collected by an integrated lead form that you can download. The quiz answers and quiz results should be combined with the lead data on the same file.
Connect to any software using a webhook. Use a free webhook to send leads to your own server or use a tool like to send the leads to a Google Sheet or a variety of other tools.

Instead of using a site such as, we at Fusion Results are able to extract valuable information from audience interactions, through the use of quizzes, surveys and assessments.

Our methodology is built upon over a decade’s experience in the use of quizzes, assessments and a variety of survey tools and instruments to gather audience feedback.

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