Are You Hosting Live Events?

A live event can be a pretty scary concept, especially if you have never hosted one before. For those who have hosted live events before, you are always looking at how to improve your event. When you first start, your live event may be small and simple, but as you continue to host events, your live in-person events will grow and develop, along with your content. If you are stuck on how to develop your events or are unsure of whether you should host a live event or not, this article is for you.

Whether you have never done a live event before or have a few under your belt, Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula, shares why you should consider starting to do live events, and what you need to think about to have an effective event.

3 Reasons to Host a Live Event

  • There is nothing that can get you the same positioning and authority like hosting your own live event. Speaking on a stage can give you authority, but hosting your own event gives you great positioning as you get to be seen as an expert.
  • You can make a lot of money from live events.
  • The connections you make, the partnerships you create, the content you deliver and the community you build during live events have huge long-term impacts that can benefit your business greatly in the future.

3 Things to Consider to Host an Effective Live Event

  • The number one thing you need to focus on as you start to plan a live event is how you are going to fill it. The venue does not have to be big and expensive, but, you have to think about who you’re gonna get there, and what experience you are going to create for them. Once you have decided who the ideal person is for your event, you need to think about how to market to them, and what marketing is going to communicate the value of the event to them.
  • The experience does not have to be perfect but there are a few things you need to nail for the event to have an impact. Your beginning, when you first get on stage, and your ending must be perfect. If it is a multi- day event, the beginning and end of each day must be perfect, as well as the start and end of each new presentation. If you get this right, you will win over the audience.
  • Think about your revenue plan and the different ways you can make money out of a live event. The obvious revenue stream comes from ticket sales. Another stream can come from an offer you make during the live event. However, do not turn your event into one long pitch. Remember your audience came for valuable content, and you need to deliver.

Walker’s last piece of advice is to start doing live events earlier in your business or your career than you probably have or thought you should, as it can be a huge level up for a young or experienced business.

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