How to turn Clients into Raving Fans of Your Business

Instead of being head over heels in love with your own product and service, a business should be in love with its clients. When your clients are your center-focus when making important business and marketing decisions, your clients will become your biggest fans, as they feel valued.

When you value your customers, and provide value to them, your business is already unique and different from your competitors, as you are helping your clients solve a specific problem in a personalized way.  

Tony Robbins, a world authority on leadership psychology and a life and business strategist, strongly believes in creating raving fans by understanding, anticipating and consistently fulfilling the deepest needs of your clients. To do this, he implements the following 7 tactics when operating his business:

7 Ways to Create Raving Fans

  1. Always give more value to your clients, through different forms of content, than you promote your products or services.
  2. Do everything you possibly can to help your clients get the results they want out of your products.
  3. Keep surprising your clients and give them reasons to keep returning to your business.
  4. Be completely transparent with your clients at all times.
  5. Reward your best clients with discounts, special benefits and additional value.
  6. Create a value chain that allows everyone or every department in your business to consistently meet the needs of your clients.
  7. Give back to your clients, the industry or society whenever you can to constantly add value to your clients.

When you follow these 7 tactics you will never overlook your clients. When you pay attention to their desires and consistently deliver great value, your clients will tell others about your business, with genuine excitement and enthusiasm. Your product will become tailored to your client’s interests, and create another product altogether – a happy client.

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