ASK Method Overview: What’s All The Fuss About?

The basic idea of the ASK Method is very simple. Instead of guessing what your clients want, actually go out and ask them.

Asking your clients what they want can be tricky, as clients don’t normally know what they want, or what they are looking for. This is why we implement a series of surveys/ questionnaires. The answers to these surveys will tell you what your clients are currently struggling with or find challenging in your industry. For example, in the fitness and weightloss industry, clients may be having trouble losing weight or gaining muscle tone.

But these two types of clients want different things, and definitely won’t benefit from the same product or service. This is why ASK Method surveys are constructed in a way that you find out your individual clients desires, and are able to group them together by their common wants/needs.

When you have your seperate groups or buckets of clients, you can better tailor your product/service packages to these groups. Tailoring content or your marketing approach to each bucket’s needs begins to convert interest to sales.

How? Your client wants value for their money, for their time, for their attention. When you increase customer experience and engagement, your clients will feel valued and support your business. In addition, your buckets also ensure you are spending the right balance of attention and resources on the buckets that are going to make the most profit.

No client is the same, and therefore should not be marketed to equally. Speaking directly to a client’s personal needs is the key to making them feel at home, and to inspire hope and trust that your product is the solution to their problems.

But it would be impossible to tailor your product to each individual person or need, this is why we tailor our marketing content. To do this, we first need information on our clients. We use 4 primary surveys, which are mined for data on what your clients really need/want.

The ASK Method’s 4 Primary Surveys

The Deep Dive Survey

An open-ended survey sent by email, which asks clients what their single greatest challenge in your particular field is, among other questions. This survey aims to get emotional and personal responses, which detail past experiences and failures that tell you what your client’s problems are and how you can solve them.

The Micro-Commitment Bucket Survey

This survey asks a series of easy multiple-choice questions prior to asking more pointed and private questions. These answers put people into your different buckets, so you can customize your marketing, sales messaging, and introduction to your products based on the bucket.

The Do You Hate Me Survey

Emails sent to everyone who has entered into your mailing system, but who has not bought from you.This email would be sent out after you’ve presented your clients with the absolute best deal, price, or promotion you can offer. This survey is sent to non-buyers to determine why they are not buying from you.

The Pivot Survey

This survey is also aimed at people who have entered into your mailing list but have not been interested in what you have had to offer so far. This survey then determines what these clients are looking for by asking them what they want to hear from you next. It is essentially a subtle way of asking your non-buyers what they want you to try and sell them next.

For more information on the ASK Method and what it can do for your business, contact Fusion Results.

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