Your Own Webinar Checklist

You have put in the time and research and have a well put together, informative, enticing and interesting piece for a webinar you wish to present to your audience. Congratulations! But putting the content for a webinar together is challenging, and without a second educated option, your webinar may not turn out as successful as you thought it would be.

Avoid the discouragement and disappointment by using this Webinar Checklist to ensure you have incorporated all the necessary elements to make your webinar a success.

Webinar Checklist

Before the Webinar:

  • Reboot your computer around 30 minutes before you intend to start your webinar
  • Close all the programs that are running in the background besides the ones you need for the webinar
  • Check into the platform you are using for the webinar 20 minutes before you intend to start
  • Check your mic and speakers
  • Have a co-pilot to man the chat
  • Take a minute to focus on your content and what you intend to say
  • Start recording right away (don’t let the butterflies and nervousness take over)

During the Webinar:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask if your audience can hear and see you
  • Get 20 to 30 comments to check engagement
  • Deliver valuable content
  • Keep an eye on attendance level and change the tone or pace of the webinar if you notice attendance levels dropping
  • Ask your audience to click on links you have placed in the webinar and have them confirm in the chat that the links are working
  • Use the Invisible Close (optional)
  • Have a Q&A session

What Links should I Include?

Have clickable links that are easy to type and click from the webinar chat. Also include URLs on the slides in your presentation, especially on the slides towards the closing of the webinar.

What Is the Invisible Close?

The Invisible Close, a technique created by business growth mentor Lisa Sasevich, prompts your audience to defer the decision of whether or not your product or service is right for them and rather offers the audience a trial run. This method can increase the conversions from your webinar.

How Is It Done?
In the closing of your webinar tell your audience to take the opportunity to check out your service risk free, and if it is not for them, all they need to do is send an email and they will get a full refund. This gives them the chance to have a look at all the materials and make an informed decision.

Obviously, the invisible close may not work exactly in this way for each business. Some businesses may not offer a full discount or may not give access to the entire product. Either way, the invisible close is essentially meant to entice your audience.

After the Webinar:

  • Analyse the engagement you received throughout the webinar, and how you can improve on it in the future.
  • Look at where attendance levels dropped and work on methods to sustain attendance
  • Read through or ask your co-pilot to pick up on any jargon used in the chat, which you can use in future webinars.
  • Make a note of any questions that were raised in the webinar that could be the foundation of new content for your website, a marketing email or a new webinar

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