What is Your Business’s #1?

It stands to reason that if we work hard and reap the rewards of our success, that working twice as hard would lead to twice the success, twice the rewards. However, everyone still only has 24 hours per day, a great part of which is taken up by eating, sleeping and satisfying our other daily needs. So how do you double the amount of work done and double the profits in the same amount of time as you would normally work?

We believe in focusing on the #1 thing that will make a significant difference in your business today, and then using ASK Method strategies to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

What You Should Be Focusing On

In business, it is important to not confuse being busy with being productive. For example, a new business owner should not be running out to print new business cards, when they should first be looking for customers.

A general list of #1 things are:

  • How do I get customers?
  • How do I get more customers?
  • How do I create more value for my customers?
  • How do I multiply my current results?

These are the parts of your business that matter as they are the areas that bring in revenue and growth. Your #1, whatever it may be, should be a top priority and a major focus at all times, until your business reaches a point where it needs a new #1.

How to Focus on Your #1 with the ASK Method

There are many ways to use the ASK Method to work smarter instead of harder. Depending on your #1, the following strategies can help your business:

  • Set aside an hour to create a Deep Dive Survey and send it to your mail list.
  • Take note of feedback on a product so you can make improvements for your next sale.
  • Set aside some time to learn a new approach to generating leads and sales with the ASK Method, such as using micro-commitments or the Wait List strategy.

If you are not sure how to decide on your #1, ask a trusted friend or adviser for feedback. Just keep in mind, your business’s #1 should focus on where the majority of your results are currently coming from.

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