Back to basics: The ASK Method

A marketer’s job is one filled with forecasts, data, spending on testing of products and building a brand image, among many other functions.

In spite of all the time and financial resources thrown in, marketers do not always get it right – leaving them with unsuccessful product launches and vast amounts of money down the drain.

That is because consumers are not homogenous, hence market segmentation. But that can cost a lot of money and time.

The ASK Method, developed by Ryan Levesque, is a marketer’s dream in that it lets your audience tell you precisely what they want, which then informs you how to sell them exactly what they want. The trick? The ASK Method transfers best practices in a face-to-face sales environment to the web and makes use of quizzes and surveys, landing pages, webinars, podcasts and websites/blogs and emails tied up nicely with a bow of marketing automation, to deliver the information in a more personalized way to the clients or prospective clients.

This personalization then results in increased engagement, as well as conversions that are unheard of in traditional sales environments.

Put simply, it’s digital marketing at its simplest and most effective.

The ASK Method is based on 3 core principles, and is actually implemented in three stages:


Thanks to a highly engineered blueprint that has been finely honed over many years, your audience answers carefully crafted questions that will reveal all the information needed to know about what they think, how they will respond, what they want, and what they will buy. In other words, it will help you discover the primary segments of your market and the primary things they are willing to buy.


Once all the data is discovered and verified, we launch your ASK funnel, which is a genuinely unique system for getting your prospects attention on a whole new level that speaks straight to the core of their being and guiding them straight into the perfect place where you can diagnose their desires or the problems they need to solve on any level. This is where you then prescribe the exact solution that will trigger their positive response to your product.


Finally, the ASK Method gives more room for scaling upwards successfully and profitably than every other type of marketing funnel out there. It is a pathway that promises you profitable conversions.

It will sound simple, yet implementing the ASK Method practices on your own can be frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing, and do not get all the pieces working seamlessly. Implementing it with the help of an experienced coach will help you get the desired results in a faster time. Just ask those who have approached us and witnessed tremendous growth subsequently.

If you want a FREE consultation to determine if the ASK Method is right for you, please schedule a time to chat with us. We can walk you through your different options. We are one of only a handful of fully certified ASK Method Consultants.

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