How to Segment Your Audience

The ASK Method uses segmentation is a few of its various strategies. One of the most important uses of segmentation in the ASK Method is when using the ‘bucket’ system. A bucket is used to describe the category or label you give to each segment or group of your market. Identifying these buckets is crucial in moving forward with other ASK Method strategies as this step determines how you treat/market to each group in the future. Labeling your buckets correctly has a big impact on the success of your marketing attempts, and the future success and growth of your business.

Each business’s buckets will be different and therefore will be labelled differently. However, there are 3 basic groups labels that can help a business prioritize outreach and customize content.

Your Basic 3 Buckets

  1. Your first bucket should be of clients that are a perfect fit for your product or solutions. These clients should fit your client persona perfectly. Ask yourself, whether you can solve the issues they have, and if the answer is ‘yes’ then they should be working with you. Remember the single most important question in the ASK Method is to ask clients ‘What is your greatest challenge/struggle/complaint with XYZ’. If you can fulfill the needs of the client’s answer, then you are in business.
  2. The second bucket will most likely be your biggest. You may be able to help these clients but they fall outside of your scope on some criteria. It could be that they are situated outside of your region or they’re an industry you do not normally operate within. However, they still have a problem you can solve, so you want to talk to them.
  3. The third bucket will be the smallest bucket of all. These clients are the ones that will be difficult to land. They may not be worth committing the majority of your business time to chasing, but landing them could make a huge difference in morale or revenue.

Keep in mind this is just one way to segment your data, and you do not have to limit yourself to three buckets. Anything between 3 and 5 buckets is a healthy number.

Expanding your audience through intelligent sales marketing might seem like a lot of extra work, but it’s worth it. By getting your customized message in front the right group of prospects is the key to opening a world of interest that converts to sales.

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