Take your Next Launch to the Next Level

Do you have a 7 figure launch around the corner and want to make sure it is even more successful than your last project.

Ryan Levesque, author of the ASK Method, shares his advice on how to get the most out of a product or partner launch. He implements these 5 strategies into his launches, which are based on lessons he has learned in business and principles of the ASK Method. Using some or all of these strategies should guarantee success on a new level.

Strategy 1:
Make sure every member of your team is involved in the launch so that no one feels alienated or like they did not contribute to the success of the launch. Give everyone a job and make sure they know what their responsibilities are.

It is great for moral and team building when each team member is involved and feels as if they contributed to the success of the launch and the business.

Strategy 2:
Although Ryan would rather have a core evergreen funnel that ensures a steady income, he also believes a launch can give a business’s income a huge boost and create new hype around a business or its products. Therefore, to make sure these are the outcomes, a business needs to minimise on any risks by always having a back up plan.

Ryan suggests having multiple systems in place in case something glitches or goes down. Here is a list of what kind of backup plans you should think about implementing in your next launch:

Have more than one email service provider so you are always able to send out emails, no matter if one platform goes down.
Implement multiple shopping carts, form and check out systems so that customers are always able to place orders.
Have more than one payment processor in place so the business never loses out on an order or payment.
Have a contingency plan for unavailable key staff members. Ensure there is always someone available to take a person’s position if they become sick or are on leave. This replacement team member must be briefed on their responsibilities beforehand.

Generally be thinking ‘what do we to if’ and have a plan in place to solve the problem during the launch.

Strategy 3:
Ryan says that normally, when having a partner launch, most of your sales will come from your top 5 partners. Because their success is your success, it is important to help them succeed by giving them access to your product; promoting them on social media through Facebook Ads; providing swipe copy; and giving time and attention to your partners when collaborating on bonus packages.

Strategy 4:
Use a combination of the ASK Method with the Product Launch Formula. To do this, use a Deep Dive Survey before the launch and use the natural customer language from the survey in launch videos and copy.

The ASK Method also uses a strategy that divides the market audience into different buckets or groups, which separates customers by their specific needs and wants, and use these buckets to follow-up with seperate customised messaging for each bucket.

Strategy 5:
Have a plan for if things start to go right. Ryan says that most people only plan for if things go wrong and then may not be able to cope if everything goes really well.

Although it is important to have back up plans, take time to formulate a plan to shift things into a higher gear if you end up doubling or tripling your target. Think about whether or not you will need to hire more staff, if your server can handle the overload or of you may need to make changes like increase video bandwidth.

Your ‘Success Plan’ will ensure you are not understaffed and scrambling around at the last minute, which can be detrimental to your new success.

With these strategies you can make sure you are up for any challenge, are able to exceed expectations and reach your business’s goals.

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