How Facebook is a Great Market Targeting Tool

We have to face the fact that Facebook is a leading social media platform and a great place for people to connect with you and your business. Most Facebook users check their news feed, as well as various pages, several times a day, making it a great tool to get new customers and keep your old ones.

Using your Market Buckets on Facebook

The ASK METHOD is all about determining what your audience really needs and giving it to them. Quizzes and surveys can be used to mine this information from people that visit your website. Here is where Facebook is already a big help. Marketing your website through a platform such as Facebook gets your product or service out to a wider audience, which means you receive a greater response to your persona analysis.

Discovering who your audience is, what their struggles are, and what they are willing to buy is crucial in determining your target buckets. These buckets are the groups of people that are interested in your business but they have different needs, and therefore need to be marketed to differently. The ASK METHOD uses many techniques that implement sorting your audience into buckets to be able to effectively turn interest into sales through a more personal approach to marketing.

The importance of Audience Engagement on Facebook

Besides Facebook being a platform to promote your site or survey to determine your buckets, Facebook provides a space where you can reach out to those buckets. It is another platform to strategically place personalized content for your different buckets, keeping them returning to your Facebook page and site for new products and content. Having your customers like your page or join a Facebook group invites feedback. Engaging with your market audience in this way creates a community around your business.

Through the comments left on your page, you can continue to update the information you have about your market audience. You may discover the need for a new product or service in your line, or that a new bucket has formed that you can market content to.

Facebook is very much an interactive platform, so it is important to keep up levels of customer engagement on your page. If a customer sees that you are listening to the market and making positive changes, they are more likely to be loyal to your brand.

It is also a lot easier to share content on Facebook than other platforms. Your customers will be able to share your products, deals, competitions, etc with their larger network of friends, and so your business will continue to gain exposure and new clients. A great way to use the sharing function to your advantage is to ask your followers to share your post with a number of friends to stand a chance to win a prize or get access to exclusive content.

Creating paid memberships on Facebook

Facebook is also the fastest and easiest way to get a paid membership service going by creating an exclusive Facebook group that only paying members can access. Each bucket can have their own membership group, where you can post unique content and keep up to date with the needs of each bucket.

The only downside to Facebook is that you are building your community on a platform that is not owned by you. If Facebook decided to shut down, it could, as you do not have any claim to the company, and you would lose your community and content. However, this is extremely unlikely due to its enormous popularity.

In conclusion, you only stand to gain market interest if your business is on Facebook. Without social media platforms, you are only relying on traditional forms of marketing, which can leave you at a disadvantage among your competitors.

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