How to Get Your Emails Opened and Clicked

A question that many business owners ask at some point is ‘How can we create appealing emails to get people to open them, and click on the link?’

Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula and #1 New York Times Bestselling author, shares his tips from his experience on how to make appealing emails.

Tips on How to Create Appealing Emails


Jeff Walker’s major point when creating an email or any piece of content is that it has to give value. The individuals who joined your mailing list signed up because they were promised something in return, something of value.

When a person first joins your mailing list, that is the time they are most likely to open your emails. They want to hear from you, otherwise they would not have joined your mailing list. Therefore, the first few emails you send need to deliver the value you promised, whether in the email itself or by clicking on a link. When you give them value, they will remember and open more of your emails in the future.

If you entice or trick a reader into opening an email without delivering on your promise, they will most likely stop opening and reading your emails.


You know you have to deliver value, but it is important to structure your email correctly to optimize the chance of a subscriber opening that email. First of all, there’s the subject line, which you need to pay attention to. Your subject line can be as important as the body of your email. It is what gets people to open your email and start reading the rest of the copy and take action. Without a good subject line that makes someone open and read your content, your email is dead in the water.

Once again, the main thing is to deliver value, so a killer subject line still means nothing if your content is not delivering on your promise.

Build Trust

Delivering valuable content does not mean you can not sell products in your emails but you have to remember to build the relationship they opted into. You have to give them what they signed up for, and you have to do it in a way that builds trust, authority, and rapport. Email subject lines that are appealing but are also fundamentally dishonest, or untruthful will result in losing the trust and the support of a customer, maybe forever.

Your emails and mailing list are part of a relationship you have with your subscribers. If you continue to build value within that relationship, the relationship will flourish.

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