Are You Giving Away Too Much?

A lot of people worry about how much content to give away and in giving away too much, lose out on people buying their product. Therefore, the question most business owners ask is “How much value should you be giving away?”

According to Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula®, if you are asking the above question, then you are asking the wrong question. Instead you need to dig deeper into creating marketing and content for your product.

Generally, Walker sees business people making the mistake of not giving enough free content. During his annual launch of the Product Launch Formula® this year, Walker gave away 14 hours of free content. This was the most amount of free content he has given away for a launch but it turned out to be his best yet.

Business owners may find this crazy, and may think they do not have 14 hours of content, such as in web seminars, to give away. This is why Walker says to dig deeper. After giving away 14 hours of free content, he then sold a step by step action plan where he teaches everything in his program to his buyers. After selling this product, he then advertises a live event, which is very high-end and expensive, that provides coaching and also teaches the implementation of his formula.

By following the idea of “growing your business through giving away content”, Walker achieved a successful launch that got people to buy his product and sign up for a deeper level of coaching.

Digging deeper into your product for greater profit does not need to be difficult. The easiest way to go deeper in your material is to start teaching it. Interacting with people and teaching it face to face or via a webinar, will help you go deeper as potential buyers and your viewers will pull the material out of you through their questions on the product.

You have to maintain a balance to keep buyers interested and happy, but also keep buying your product and supporting your business. Don’t overwhelm people with too much free content all the time, as they will never get through all the free stuff and end up not buying from you.

Just remember, don’t make the mistake of not giving away enough value. Free valuable content keeps buyers loyal and persuades potential buyers to pick your product above competitors.

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