What is The Product Launch Formula?

Some strategies we use in the ASK Method may implement the Product Launch Method. This is a method invented by Jeff Walker and is a formula on how to launch products online.

Jeff is a mentor and friend to Ryan Levesque, creator of the ASK Method, and therefore it is no surprise that the Product Launch Formula and the ASK Method are a winning recipe.

Ryan has personally used the Product Launch Formula in a partner launch as well as with internal launches and has seen 7 figure sales results and a huge increase in the number of names on the mailing list.

What is the formula?

The Product Launch Formula is a step-by-step, tried and tested process that tells you how to launch a product in specific detail. Although we are unable to break down the complete Product Launch Formula, here are 6 basic principles that form part of the process to understand more about what it can do for you:

  • Create a level of authority. By writing newsletters, posting blogs or creating videos, you are demonstrating your authority in your market and letting people know that you have knowledge on your subject.
  • Give away great, free content that customers would have paid for but only ask for their email address in return. Your customers will feel as if they owe you something in return and pay attention to your business and products.
  • Your product launch videos should have a comments section. In the comments customers are able to build a community around your product. It also builds social proof that your product or the free content is worth investing in due to all the positive comments.
  • In content and videos used in a product launch add in some information about a future product release to build anticipation around a different or new and improved product. This keeps the customers attention on you.
  • Build anticipation for the actual launch day by stating that there will be a limited amount of products or there are special incentives for people who buy early.
    Showcase past success stories of people who have achieved great results with your product.

In a discussion between Ryan and Jeff with regards to product launches and using the two methodologies, Jeff’s advice to business owners who are preparing to have their first launch or are looking to take their launch to the next level is to stick to a formula. Posting random videos and asking customers to buy your product is not a structured way to target your audience and it will not produce the best possible results. Both Ryan and Jeff believe you must emulate first and innovate later, as different is not always better!

Ryan also advises business owners to look at examples of other product launches using the ASK Method and Product Launch Formula to see how they work together and how they can guide you on your first launch or improve your next one.

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