The ASK Method Survey Funnel Formula Explained

The Survey Funnel Formula provides six steps you can use to transform your online presence. These six steps are a break down of one of the many ASK Method strategies that Fusion Results can implement in your business, which will put you ahead of your competition and increase sales.

6 Step Survey Funnel Formula

1. Prepare

To begin, you need to know your audience and what they really want. The ASK Method shows you how to structure questions for surveys that will provide proper and reliable insights. An example of one of these preparation survey questions is aptly named the single most important question (SMIQ).

“What is your biggest challenge with (insert your service/field)?”

From these surveys and questions, you get to know the struggles of your target marketing in their own language, which you can further use when you refer to their problems in your marketing.

2. Persuade

The images and language you use on your website and in other marketing will be based on the data you received from your initial surveys. This means, your marketing content will be relatable and let your audience know that you are their best choice to help them fix the problems you identified in your surveys.

3. Segment

Now that you have identified the specific problems your market is facing, you can use these different problems or wants to segment your audience and place them into two or three main “buckets.”

The two or three main reasons why a person visits your online business will help you prioritize your content in order to make the site user friendly and easy to navigate.

4. Prescribe

Prescribing is a term used in the ASK Method when you use segmentation to tailor your content to the point that your entire sales funnel is tailored to a specific type of customer/bucket. For example, a visitor that subscribes to your mailing list and shows interest in a particular type of product or service will receive a set of emails based on that product or service instead of emails on general topics in your industry.

When prescribing, the top or most important bucket is focused on first or the most until your smaller or lesser performing buckets increase in performance. It is not necessary to use this technique for all your buckets at once, as it can still work on a priority basis.

5. Profit Maximization

Up until now, the techniques used have been trying to get traffic to your website. Once you have the views, you need to start to use them to make a profit. You can up-sell to your customer and secure their business, or allow other businesses space to place ads on your site as a revenue stream if your site is popular.

Profit Maximization doesn’t work in all business models, but if you can make a profit from these techniques over and above your normal sales, then you can use the profit to fund more advertising, feed your funnel and continue to build your business.

6. Pivot

This last phase is used as an assessment to evaluate what has or hasn’t worked. This enables you to identify which of your tactics you need to change to better fit the customer you are targeting. This type of analysis can be based on the feedback you get from customer satisfaction surveys.

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