Understanding Persona Analysis and How it can Help your Business

Persona analysis can help to match your company’s solutions or products to the needs of the customer.

A persona analysis should contain the details of what makes your client tick and clarifies the target audience for your organisation that will assist with its messaging and influence product design. This persona will help you tailor your communications and be able to add more personalisation to your mailing list and even your website interfaces. The ASK Method uses a type of persona analysis to do just that.

The process involves dividing clients into different buckets, the term that describes the different market categories. Each bucket represents a different type of customer based on their skill level, understanding or problem. What labels you place on the different buckets will be dependant to your specific business and what you offer.

Once you have established your buckets, you can use it to influence the Two-Step Opt in process on your website. The pop up box that asks your users if they are interested in free advice or a trial should have two parts to it after the client expresses their interest. The first part should ask the client at what level, understanding or problem they might have out of a list of options that are formed around the bucket analysis. This places them in their specific bucket. The second step is to ask for their email address.

After they have entered their details, they would be taken to a ‘thank you page’ that has specialized` content, such as a video, that targets that specific bucket. Once they are on your mailing list, you can send them specific content depending on what bucket they were placed in. This content can be a unique bonus that convinces your clients to continue to follow your company and products, as well as support your business in the future.

But all this starts with your persona analysis and how you identify your audience.

Here are questions you can ask your audience to help you create a client persona:

  • Collect demographic information such as are they married? What’s their annual household income? Where do they live? Are they male or female? How old are they? Do they have children?
  • Ask them to describe their level of education. You should aim for specific details such as where and what did they study?
  • They should describe their career path. What is their job title? How did they get to that position? Have they switched from different industries or was their career path quite traditional?
  • Did they study the subject they currently have a career in?
  • Find out more about their everyday life. What blogs and articles to they read? What social media platforms do they use? What are their shopping preferences? Do they use the internet to research companies and products they are interested in?

There are many more questions that can be asked to flesh out your company’s client persona. Depending on your company you may want to ask questions that relate to topics your products and services deal with. For example, a business that deals with beauty products would want to know more about a client’s physical attributes.

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