Why Webinars are Important for Your Business

A webinar is a seminar help over the internet. It is normally live and allows you to speak about your product or service to people from all around the world from your home or business. Webinars can revolve around watching a person give a speech, or involve charts, presentations, demonstrations and slide shows. There can also be interactive features to a webinar, where people can ask questions and chat with the host during the seminar.

Unless you are a confident public speaker, this can seem rather daunting. Even if you are confident in your ability to communicate, you may feel camera shy or you don’t want to be put on the spot by a viewer’s questions. These are all valid concerns, but with the correct preparation, a webinar can be a great tool for your business. Shying away from them because of fear or not feeling that you have the time to set up and prepare for a webinar is a loss for your business, and could prevent you from having a competitive edge.

6 Reasons You Should be Doing Webinars

1. A live webinar is the perfect platform for you to build a relationship with your audience and interact with them. Webinars allow you to chat, answer questions, and share your story, with a larger audience than perhaps your website or social media pages, while still keeping a personal feel to your message.

2. People watch webinars because they are ready to listen and learn something new, and you need to deliver that valuable content. You won’t run out of things to say if you know your stuff, and you may actually be pressed for time in the webinar. The bottomline is, if you give your audience what they want, through content that is of value to them, they will continue to support you, your product and your webinars. With the ASK Method, using the information from a deep dive survey and establishing your buckets will give you a numerous amount of topics you can speak on that would target your audience members and speak to their personal challenges.

3. People may bring questions and complaints to you and expect answers during a live webinar, but this is a good thing! If you are able to answer the questions and deal with complaints or objections live, it shows that you and your business are the real deal and can be trusted.

4. You can use guests on your webinars as a way to introduce yourself to a different audience or different groups of people. Choose a webinar ‘partner’ that fits in with your business so that their audience is able to learn about you and what you can do for them. This will eventually expand your own audience.

5. A webinar is also the next best thing to live, in person demonstrations and sales marketing.

6. Webinars also give you the experience that allows you to hone your sales message till it is perfect, and then you can invest time and money into doing a sales letter, instead of doing it the other way around and ending up spending extra money unnecessarily.

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