How to Get An Audience for Your Webinar

You have put in all the research, time and effort and you are finally ready to deliver your killer presentation. Everything should go as planned with your presentation as well as all the technical aspects. There is just one thing missing: the audience.

How to Full your Imaginary Auditorium

After all the work you have put into creating your webinar, you had better have people who are going to tune in. By now, you would have already made sure the topic is a good fit for your target market and that people are going to want the information you are going to be presenting, so you need to let them know about it! The best way to do this is to design an email campaign that lets people know about the webinar and build up some excitement and anticipation for it.

The ASK Method strategies are known for giving email subscribers unique and rich content, which always leaves them wanting more. So in true ASK Method style, the email campaign must consist of pre-launch content, such as a video or audio that tells your subscribers why this information you have, unbenounced to them, rolled into a presentation is so relevant to them. You can even add in reasons and content about why they found and subscribed to you in the first place. Feel free to also punt your core offers through these emails.

This pre-launch content can tease your audience about a specific subject, which you then fully explain/ demonstrate in your webinar. Once you have your audience’s attention with this new, relevant content, announce the webinar.

It is best to send the pre-launch content the week before the webinar. Around 3 or 4 days before the presentation date, you should promote the webinar itself and get people to sign up. It is vitally important to customize your email promos and announcements for the webinar, instead of it looking like one of your standard emails or offers. This lets the audience know that a lot of effort has been put into the webinar and it is of immense value for them to join in.

When you get people to sign up for the webinar, you can ask them if they want to be sent reminders via text message. Then on the day, send three reminders for the webinar; one in the morning, one a few hours before, and one right before the webinar.

Once the webinar is over, send out a FAQ email that briefly covers the main questions, concerns people may have had, and offers that came out in the webinar. If someone missed your last webinar, they sure won’t risk missing another after seeing all the great content they could have gotten their hands on.

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