How to Make Your Internet Business a Success

Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula and best selling author started his first internet business in the summer of 1996. From humble beginnings, he has gone onto sell tens of millions of dollars of products, and his students and clients have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of their products.

Over the years, Walker has learned many lessons about how to build and run a successful internet business. Here we summarise 16 of the most important lessons he has learnt about internet businesses.

16 Rules to Internet Success

  1. Always build on your list and continue to grow a relationship with your list. Your list is the one true asset that your business can own, so you will want to always expand your list to expand your business. However, remember that your relationship with your list is just as important as the size of your list.
  2. Only sell what the market wants, not what you want to sell them. Look at the data, traffic and feedback to determine what people are interested in, instead of relying on your instincts.
  3. Do not sacrifice your reputation and brand by following the latest marketing trends. Rather look at the bigger picture, stick to a strategy and keep your marketplace connected, deliver quality, and stay congruent.
  4. Diversify your traffic sources. If you only have one primary way of getting your message in front of people, it may not be permanent and won’t work forever.
  5. Sell your own and other people products. This way you have control over your own products and business, but also are an affiliate or are getting paid to run ads.
  6. Don’t just sell, build a fan club. You not only need to make a sale but you also need to deliver a great product and a great experience. Your loyal customers will keep returning, and tell others about your amazing products, which results in new repeat customers.
  7. Any industry is all about relationships. Instead of thinking of other businesses in your industry as competitors, think of them as ‘partners’ and ‘future partners’. Your net worth is equal to your network, so it might be worth thinking about turning a competitor into a partner.
  8. Get the money flowing in. The risk of a new product or business failing grows every day that goes by without any revenue coming in. Force yourself to figure out how to get at least some revenue flowing as quickly as possible.
  9. Choose your projects wisely. There are always more opportunities than there is time. Since you do not have the time to do everything, a project comes at the cost of another project. It is important for you to decide on which project is the most beneficial for your business.
  10. Get out of the house and meet people. A live event is where connections are made and deals are done. Do not miss out on creating these new relationships that can propel your business forward.
  11. Do not underestimate the power of a mastermind group. Jeff Walker attributes some of his great success to being actively engaged in various mastermind groups.
  12. Connect with people. Using a human touch in your emails and content, instead of acting like a corporation will set you apart from the rest and help you connect with your audience. This behavior will be well received as most people would rather deal with another person than a corporate voice.
  13. Fight the urge to live the high life once the money starts rolling in. It’s a lot easier to do the right things and make the right decisions when you aren’t desperately chasing the next dollar.
  14. In the beginning your first site, sales letter, or email may suck, but that’s OK. The most important thing to is to have a plan, get started and keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  15. Tricks and short-term tactics will not get you long-term success. Creating massive value for your client is what will determine the longevity of your business.
  16. Invest in yourself. Spend time, energy, and money on your skills and knowledge, because no one can take that away from you. When you have set backs, it won’t trouble you or slow you down because you have the skills to bounce right back.

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