What’s Your Business Plan for 2019?

When the New Year roles in, many people try to implement their new year’s resolutions. As an entrepreneur, you may have set strategic goals for your business this year. Although you may start out with good intentions, you are at risk of falling into old habits, making the same mistakes and not setting the right goals for your business.

Looking at the techniques and advice used by the author of the ASK Method, Ryan Levesque, we have summarized what your business plan should look like for 2019.

How to Start Planning Your Year

To know what you should be doing in 2019, you need to look back on your previous business year, and analyze what went right, what went wrong, and what were the biggest takeaways from your business year. To help you reflect on the past year, think about the following:

  1. 10 biggest wins of last year?
  2. Top three lessons you learned?
  3. Greatest influences on your business?
  4. Smartest decision you made last year?
  5. Biggest risk you took?
  6. What word summarises last year’s experience?

Once you have reflected on last year, you can begin to focus on what to do this year. List three things you need to do less of, you need to do more of, and things you need to stop doing. Now, you can start to plan how to implement your new business goals.

The best way to goal set is to break up your goal into smaller milestones that are specific and realistic. Planning your year in chunks, instead of having an annual plan, is more effective.

There is evidence that businesses benefit from planning their year in 12 weeks or 90 day periods. Dividing up your year into 90 day time frames allows for businesses to stay focused; not lose sight of their goals; not rely on assumptions and take action-based steps; and it provides a more structured plan that gets a lot of work done.

90 days is still enough time to get a substantial amount of work done. The time limit will also keep you motivated and focused on executing your most important activities.

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