When is the Right Time to Implement the ASK Method?

The beautiful thing about the ASK Method is that anyone can pick it up at any time in the development of their business and be able to implement its practices. Whether you scrap your current marketing strategies or merge your current methods with ASK Method techniques, you are bound to see positive results. Here are a few reasons why you should stop wondering whether it is the right move for your business, and implement the ASK Method today!


The ASK Method uses techniques that, in some cases, simply require you to ‘fill in the blanks’ to make it specific to your industry and target market. For example, one of the ASK Method techniques is to use the SMIQ (Single Most Important Question), which is structured: “What is your biggest challenge/problem/struggle with XYZ”. As a business owner, you can fill in the blank, making the question about your industry, and use it to figure out what your potential customers actually need to make their lives a little easier. From their responses, you will know how to create unique content that speaks to the target group on a personal level, and converts interest to sales.

There are many other techniques that will work with your current mailing list, or the pop-ups on your website. By changing the wording or posing a simple question before asking a web-visitor for their email address (micro-commitments), it can make a world of difference to the data you are getting in about your clients. The ASK Method then shows you how to use this data to gain a larger client base and repeat patronage.

For Beginners and Veterans

Whether you have just started your own business or have been running your own business for the last 20 years, everyone can learn something new from the ASK Method. If you are just starting out, the ASK Method can show you how to build your first sales funnel and how to create content for your fledgling mailing list.

In today’s ever advancing technological world, veteran business owners may find it difficult to compete with emerging products, or have a big enough presence on platforms other than the business’s website. If your old marketing strategy now feels like more of a hit and a miss; the ASK Method can help you re-engage with your market, grow a bigger following and stand out among the competition.

Don’t become an Antique

Technology has developed to a stage where businesses of any size, can use ASK Method techniques, without breaking the bank. Therefore, there is this huge window of opportunity, especially if nobody in your market is using the ASK Method. Why lose out on the first-mover advantage by being stuck in the past.

If people in your market are using ASK Method techniques, such as asking questions to offer personalized solutions, it will be difficult for you to compete if you are providing an outdated, one-size-fits-all solution.

In other words, the best time to take advantage of the ASK Method in your market is right now. For more information on how to begin your journey to success with the ASK Method, contact Fusion Results.

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