Target Custom Audiences Through Facebook

The ASK Method tells us to divide our market audience into buckets. Our buckets help us label the different types of people/needs we are appealing to, and helps us to know where and how to place our marketing efforts. This allows us to make unique, personalized content that speaks to the needs of a individual bucket. We use this bucket system to deliver personalized content to our mailing lists, and create better advertisements using customer jargon. But the uses do not stop there! We can also use the bucket system to advertise on social media.

Introducing Facebook Custom Audience


This is not a particularly new feature but it is one every business should know about and use to their advantage. Facebook allows business profiles to create Facebook Ads that target specific people on your contact list. You are able to upload your client data, for example email addresses, to the platform and Facebook helps you connect to your clients. This allows you to strengthen your current client relationships by marketing personalized content on a platform other than email.

Let’s face it, most of your clients are guaranteed to have a Facebook account that they check regularly, and it is easy to sell to existing clients than make new ones, so it is an opportunity not worth missing. Reaching out to them over social media also promotes interaction you otherwise would not receive on another platform.

How to Create a Facebook Custom Audience

  1. Create a list of your client email addresses or phone numbers
  2. Save the list in CSV or TXT format
  3. Login to your Facebook Business profile
  4. Click the drop down menu on the top right hand side of the screen and select Manage Ads.
  5. Go to the Audiences tab in Adverts Manager (located in the top left hand side of the screen)
  6. Click the Create Audience button and select the Custom Audience option, then choose your Customer List
  7. To upload the CSV or TXT file list, simply drag and drop your file to the Custom Audience box

Your Custom Audience will then take about 30 minutes to set up and be ready for you to begin targeting your buckets.

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