What Are “Hyper Respondents” and How Do You Use Them?

For those of you who are familiar with The ASK Method, you would have realized that the most important element of any of the surveys or questionnaires the method uses is the client responses. However, not all data is equal. Some responses are more highly valued because they provide greater information. As the CEO of The Ask Method Company, Ryan Levesque, says these responses come from clients that are “hyper respondents”. They give us the most and best information to work with. They are the people who are most likely to purchase the product or service you are ASKing about. 

How Do You Identify Hyper Respondents?

You have loads of data from your Deep Dive Survey. Fantastic! But where do you begin? Find your hyper respondents by looking at the responses to your longer, non-multiple choice questions. If the response is three sentences or longer, you may have found a hyper respondent. However, real hyper respondent gold is in the responses that contain complaints. Pay attention to the language used in the response. Compare your hyper respondents language to pick up on any key words or phrases. 

How to Use Hyper Responses

Use the same language used by your hyper respondents. It makes perfect, eye-catching and motivating copy for your marketing. Potential clients are more motivated to buy when they see words that speak to their complaints.

Furthermore, look at the other information you have on these hyper respondents, such as their age, gender and income bracket. Now you are able to create the perfect look and image to accompany the copy that will appeal to these potential clients. 

The key to success with The ASK Method is to have your audience feel as if you are speaking directly to them and their personal complaint, and that your product is the answer. There are likely many, many more people who have the same or a similar complaint, who will also respond positively.

People like to be noticed, so they respond well to marketing that recognizes their particular need. Feeling a sense of recognition in a company or product generates sales and customer loyalty. 

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