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What Are “Hyper Respondents” and How Do You Use Them?

What Are “Hyper Respondents” and How Do You Use Them? Hyper respondents provide the best data from a Deep Dive Survey.

For those of you who are familiar with The ASK Method, you would have realized that the most important element of any of the surveys or questionnaires the method uses is the client responses. However, not all data is equal. Some responses are more highly valued because they provide greater information. As the CEO of […]

What’s Your Business Plan for 2019?

What’s Your Business Plan for 2019? A woman jots down a new business plan on a piece of paper

When the New Year roles in, many people try to implement their new year’s resolutions. As an entrepreneur, you may have set strategic goals for your business this year. Although you may start out with good intentions, you are at risk of falling into old habits, making the same mistakes and not setting the right […]

Why Use Buyer Personas?

Why Use Buyer Personas?

Your marketing strategy needs to target the right people, therefore it is important to understand the problems people think they will solve by using your product and what influences their decision-making. Qualitative research will identify and give you a detailed description on who your buyers are, i.e a buyer persona. Your personas then form the […]